Ever see that snake in the 1967 movie “Jungle Book?”  Kaa has one desire-to consume his prey.  How does he do it?  He lulls his victims into a zombie-like state by getting them to stare into his very relaxing eyes.

See anything prophetic in that picture?  Here we are fifty years later and another serpent is mesmerizing us with visuals that have the same effect. Just like drugs, screen usage releases “feel good” dopamine that causes us to crave more and more of it.  As a result, screens begin to dominate our free time.  We stare at them in zombie-like fashion thinking they are helping us relax.  But are they just relaxing us, or are they also lulling us into a false sense of security?  Are we being manipulated into a captivated state so we will be oblivious when the enemy of our souls targets our children, our marriages and our churches?

We are called to bring Kingdom power and authority into this dark world and transformation into our country and culture.  We are called to be on the offensive, destroying the works of the devil.

 Unless we free ourselves from the serpent’s gaze we will continue to be paralyzed and ineffective. 

When his target is Christians, Kaa isn’t just immobilizing individual victims. He is immobilizing the rescuers of multitudes of victims.

Will we wake up?