Who would have thought it… the church… a politically active force!
I’ve heard pastors say “well I think we should stay focused on “spiritual” things”. Well, perhaps it’s best for us to broaden our perspective here a minute… Does the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ exist to help people? Does it exist to be a light in a dark place and a beacon of truth when it seems like society is unsure of which way to go? We know that there is a huge spiritual battle going on behind the scenes of that which we see in the natural. The Holy Spirit said through the Apostle Paul, that our battle is not against people, but the spirits that war against us and against the kingdom of God! The Church is not an institution or an organization… it is a living body of people with everyday lives, and marriages, and children and people we meet everyday. Not only are we asked by God to be an active force in the world… we are commanded to “go into all the world and share the good news”! Right now in Canada that may mean speaking the truth and ACTING ON THAT TRUTH so that people know there is a wonderful alternative to all the confusion that is in the world regarding men and women, and politics and social issues, and that there really is a God who loves them and wants to reveal Himself to them. Maybe it’s time to bring out that old song penned by William Booth when he made the Salvation Army a force that changed England… ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!

Craig Buroker