keep-calm-poster-and-have-faithSeptember 2016 is the last month of the Jewish year 5776. As most of you may know, the Jewish new year starts in the fall of our calendar and this year it will start on Rosh Hashana, which occurs on Sunday October 2nd. As well, this year was the Jubilee or 50th year. One of the most significant things about the year of Jubilee was the removal of debt and the release of land and property back to it’s original owners throughout the land of Israel. There has been a strong sense that there would be a release of financial blessing connected with this year for the Body of Christ.
As we approach this fall I must admit that this sense has been heightened again in my mind and in the thoughts of a number of others I consider of significant spiritual perception.

God often seems to like to wait until the last minute to do things and I believe that this fall will be no exception. I have heard of Christians coming into money unexpectedly… I have heard of Christians having sudden increases in contracts and business even when the economy should have dictated otherwise AND I have heard of Christian products and inventions that are on the verge of significant exposure in the marketplace!

What am I saying…?

Keep your faith out there for the Hand of God to move in your own finances and family!

God’s not done yet and I feel in my heart that something is getting ready to BREAK OPEN!

Craig Buroker