Stronger Together

The highlight of the month of February is Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t like getting all dolled up to go out on a romanitc night on the town? Yes, there is history and negative feelings concerning this celebratory day. However, let’s focus on the significance in the area of marriages.

Cultivating a loving relationship between husband and wife is essential for longevity. There is a humorous joke that says, “Marriage is like a deck of card, at first it’s all hearts and diamonds and then comes the clubs and spades”.

During this time, we want you all to focus on your relationships and how to make them stronger. This requires intention and working on affirming each other.

How do you do this? Here are some ways to focus on affirming your partner, and build your relationship.

  1.  Take time away to focus on each other
    Your family’s needs will always be at the forefront of your daily routines, however you can still take time to prioritize your partner. Set a date night and go out without your routine following you. During this time, turn off your phone, and give your spouse full, un-divided attention.
  2. Be open and transparent with your spouse
    When you are out on a date or taking time alone, ask questions and be willing to be open and transparent. Talk about what attracted you to the other person, or ask how they are doing and what they may be needing from you.
  3. Give your partner words of affirmation
    Often times people can get lost in their daily tasks and routines, and they get out of the habbit of affirming their spouse. Make the effort to say “You look beautiful”, or “I like the leadership you take with our family”, “You are doing a great job”. It will help in building your relationship and will give your partner a positive feeling.

The Word says, ” one can put 1000 to flight but 2 can put 10,000 to flight. So remember, you are stronger together.

If you would like to find something to do for Valentine’s Day with your spouse, the Destiny’s Daughters and Iron Men Ministries will be hosting a Dinner and Dance event on Feb 15th. This will be a fun night in a Christian atmosphere where you can reconnect with your sweetheart. You can register on the Destiny Daughters page Here.