Are you in yet?
Or are you still going it alone…

Are you doing things the same old way hoping that something new will somehow
come out of it?

In. means in a Life Group!
In – a place of relationships. in – a place of communication?

I mentioned this last Sunday when I asked our church a question. who do you have in your life that you can connect with, be honest with, and be supported by in your life right now. other than your spouse?
Lance Wallnau said something I believe is so applicable for the Church today. “Everything you need is already locked up. not in something you need to learn but in someone you need to connect with who has already mastered that subject”. If it’s true that what Jesus said ” By this shall all men know you are My disciples. by your love for one another”. then it’s only going to happen in us being IN relationships!

Would you describe your present relationships as more IN or OUT? This is a good time, if they’re mostly OUT. to become part of a small group and GET IN!
What are you waiting for?

Craig Buroker