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Taking hold of the Words Given

So isn’t it interesting what prophets do! They come to a church knowing virtually nothing about it and proceed to release and impart things that are on the heart of God for that group of people.

I have lost count of how many times some of these prophetic words have been spoken over us.

Things like: “this church has an anointing of fire”… “there’s a fire and a glory that comes out of this church”.

“There’s an anointing of worship on this church…”  “you’re going to steward wealth in this church…”.

Many of these have come from completely disconnected sources who knew nothing about the previous words that have been spoken over our church.

2 Chr 20:20 says: Believe in the Lord your God so shall you be established… believe in His prophets and you shall prosper”.

After hearing what I call “prophetic themes” a number of times over the years, I find that my faith in what God intends to do is always strengthened. Conversely when someone hears a prophetic word again and again, the tendency can be to get frustrated because it seems to take so long to come to pass. Years ago I realized that God’s timetable always seemed to take longer than mine and I resolved to stay in faith for those words no matter how much time passed!

For us as individuals, the thing to do is take ahold of the words given to us and begin to “put a pull” on them!

What that means to me is that when the word is released I receive it with an open heart by faith and align my beliefs and words with it from that time forward.

Paul advised Timothy to “wage a good warfare… by the prophecies previously made concerning you”. So no matter what seems to be happening, if we will take a hold of what the prophets said and “impose” it into our life by believing and speaking it even in the face of contrary circumstances… it will begin to bring itself to pass in our lives.

And remember… if it’s spoken over the church as a whole, it’s available to every individual IN that church!

That means each of us. Do you want to prosper… lets believe together for what the prophets have said to us!

Craig Buroker

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