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Wow… I just found out that today is the first official day of fall, September 23rd!

It’s been interesting as we came towards Autumn this year to see all the prophetic stuff that was going around.

Fall is always a prophetic time for us here at Southside as it’s the beginning of the Hebrew New Year.

That started just over a week ago on Sunday Sept’ 13th at Rosh Hashana or the Feast of Trumpets.

There has been much speculation even in the world about global events and the fragility of the worlds economies, and the present oil recession has added fuel to uncertainty (pardon the pun).

There are a couple of things that are important for us to remember at this time as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first is that the economy of the Kingdom is still strong, heaven’s supply lines have not been shut down by the enemy, and the Body of Christ is growing larger and faster than at any other time in history! I fully believe that we are entering the greatest days in the history of The Church and this will be our finest hour!

Another more immediate and interesting thing to note is that this new year on the Hebrew calendar is the year 5776 which is the Jubilee of Jubilee’s!

It’s the 7th Jubilee and it happens every 50 years and was the time when ALL DEBTS were cancelled in Israel!

I’m believing God for some wonderful financial things to happen this year that will bring blessing to ALL of us and to The Church as a whole!

Join me and lets stand in faith together for some amazing debt cancelling miracles of provision!


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