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So, this is really interesting!

You all know by now that this amazing family of people here at Southside gave me a BRAND NEW TOYOTA TRUCK for my birthday at the end of April!

We had a guest minister the next Sunday which was Mother’s Day and as I was preparing to minister for my first time after the truck Sunday, I kept being pulled towards the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4.

I knew that when our people had given the way they did to bless their pastor, that it will always release blessing to the house!

In other words, there was a blessing waiting to be received by all because what flows down upon the head continues down onto the body.

So on Sunday May 17th, I shared the first part of Jabez’ prayer where he says “Oh that you would bless me indeed…”, and I encouraged our people to think about what kind of blessing they need from The Lord. Then to start praying the prayer of Jabez and thanking God for it!

The week following that, someone sent me a link to a service in Chuck Pierce’s church where his speaker Robert Heidler speaks on the Herbrew month of Sivan which started the next day, Monday May 18th!

He says something very interesting… he said the month of Sivan is where the Israelites arrived at the Promised Land.

Prophetically it is a month of receiving new territory, new blessings and increase in our personal boundaries!

He finishes his talk by exhorting the people to begin to pray the prayer of Jabez and believe that He is bringing new blessings because it’s the season of blessing!

This month will run until June 17th.

That doesn’t mean we can’t continue believing God for His blessings past this point but it does mean “NOW is the time to begin asking”!

I think this is more than coincidence… I believe it’s one of God’s divine directives for us as a church at just the right time!

Let’s identify what we need, begin to pray the Jabez prayer and set our faith sights higher!


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