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Well it’s now been one full month of 2 service Sundays.

Have you adjusted yet?

There are a few things that are happening that I didn’t expect… Some of the people I thought for sure would like to be the early birds are sleeping in and coming to the second service and some I would never have thought are now regulars at the

first service.

Our staff and volunteers have really done an amazing job of adapting and it’s such a blessing to me to see so many people working in harmony in the middle of what is a stretching and changing experience!

For myself it’s been interesting because the momentum seems to build over the course of the morning.

I realized that by the time I get to the second morning message I’ve already been to pre-service prayer, praise and worship, preached once, then back into pre-service prayer, then another worship service and then I’m up again!

By the time I get to “preaching 2” I’m wound up enough that it flows so easily.

When talking to a friend of mine who’s had 2 services for a few years now he said he actually likes it better than when they had a morning and evening service for that very reason!

Perhaps not surprisingly it does take a bit more out of me than I expected, but another pastor friend recently told me that he remembers that when they first did theirs, and after a few months he said “you’ll adjust”.

Hopefully you’re adjusting too and finding that the services are just as good and full of the Holy spirit as they were before.

Wow… think about that… God can show up just as strong in BOTH services!

Who Knew!


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