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Times of Refreshing

Times of Refreshing

Times Of Refreshing T. V.


Repent, therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” Acts 3:19

In August of 1998, Pastor Craig Buroker and Southside Victory Church of Calgary Alberta, launched a television show entitled “Times of Refreshing” on CJIL, The Miracle Channel (based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada). This twenty-four-hour Christian TV Station, the first in Canada, aired Times of Refreshing for over 12 years until we switched it to become a web based video ministry.

Now producing our own programs out of Southside Victory Church you can watch our services via live streaming each Sunday or click on the links for free downloads or teaching series available for purchase.

The purpose of Times of Refreshing is to release a current word to the body of Christ concerning what God is doing today around the world. From the amazing growth of the church worldwide, to the wonderful outpouring of the Spirit that is changing churches and believers everywhere. Times of Refreshing provides not only a theological framework for the present move of God, but also brings an impartation of the refreshing of God over the airwaves.

“I’ve always felt that God wants His people to be happy and fulfilled and that being a Christian is meant to be the most enjoyable life a person can have,” says pastor Craig. “I’ve also found that God is funny and many times when I’ve been in the middle of sharing the most meaningful messages His sense of humor bubbles right through and causes us all to laugh at things when we see them the way He does. My desire is that the spirit of Jesus that brings refreshing to people’s hearts, comes through in every broadcast.”

As God continues to bless Times of Refreshing it is experiencing a wonderful response from people in a number of nations who are ministered to by the refreshing presence of Jesus.



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