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2016 Election Debrief

Well… talk about a surprise election! Although I’d heard that the race was close for the leadership of this nation, I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me that the Liberals would win a majority!

Mind you, the vote differential was only 7% so it’s not as though it was a landslide.

We had a good chat the next day at our weekly prayer meeting. Many of us had felt like a punch in the stomach when we first learned the results.

Questions were brought up by our prayer group such as… “how could this happen after all the prayer that went up”? “What did we do wrong”?

“Was there more that we should have done”?

In discussing these things a few thoughts were brought forth to provide possible options to our questions. I felt from the beginning that The Father’s preference for a Godly leader was Stephen Harper and I still feel that way. The difference in Biblical ethics between Mr. Harper and Mr. Trudeau is easy to identify. That being the case perhaps the Body of Christ in Canada was not able to generate enough “power” to see the more “Godly” man put in?

Perhaps the amount of prayer needed was not realized or we underestimated the spiritual forces we were up against?

All of these things are legitimate questions and as believers we should not shy away from answering them. I feel that although we may have failed in one sense, we did as much as we could! Maybe this was a wake up call for us to realize how much more unity is needed, how much more involved we could have been, how much higher The Church has to rise to have more influence in the nation? At the same time, is it possible to have “failed” and not be at fault? Could it be that The Lord, obviously knowing the result beforehand, was using this election to begin to mobilize His Church for things that are coming in the future? I have to admit that I saw more prayer, more prayer networks working, and more streams of prayer from all different denominations during this last election than I have ever seen in Canada before! To me, all of that is good! So while we may have lost this battle, and it seems like things have taken a step backwards, I am totally confident that the war isn’t over yet and no matter what happens in this nation, the Kingdom of God is marching on! I believe we’re that much closer to the day when “the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ”! So don’t despair, The King is still sitting on His throne! Let us fight while we have the day and let us make our voice heard in the nation as we make our petitions known on our knees!


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